Church Covenant



Murfreesboro, Tennessee


Through the five functions of Prayer, Worship, Discipleship, Fellowship and Evangelism, we desire to bring people to experience an encounter with Christ resulting in an ongoing, maturing relationship with our Lord Jesus. (Matthew 28: 18-20)



Calvary Baptist Church embraces the two great commandments and the one great commission.

1. To love the Lord your God with all your heart and mind and strength. Deuteronomy 6:5; Matthew 22:37

2. To love your neighbor as yourself. Leviticus 19:18; Matthew 22:39

3. To share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19-20


III. MINISTRY FUNCTIONS (see the Five Functions of Calvary Baptist Church)

A. Prayer B. Worship C. Discipleship D. Fellowship E. Evangelism



We affirm the Holy Scriptures to be our authoritative basis for all faith and practice and we affirm the Holy Scripture is without mixture of error. We affirm the Baptist Faith and Message as revised and approved in 2000, by the Southern Baptist Convention.



Calvary Baptist church is an autonomous and self-governing group, which voluntarily associates with the Southern Baptist Convention, the Tennessee Baptist Convention, and the Concord Baptist Association.



A. Calvary Baptist Church will receive and maintain members in the following manners:

1. A personal faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and baptism by full immersion as a symbol of conversion; or

2. Transfer of letter from another Baptist Church; or

3. Statement of faith from another denomination with baptism by immersion;


Completion of a membership process provided by the Pastor.

B. Voting and Meetings.

Every member shall have the right and privilege of voting at the annual Family Fellowship Meeting and at any other called or regular business meeting. Business meetings may be called by the Pastor or the Leadership Team with adequate notification to the Church. The annual Family Fellowship Meeting and all other business meetings shall be led by the Pastor, a member of the Leadership Team, or another person designated by the Pastor or Leadership Team. Those members present and voting at a properly called business meeting shall constitute a quorum of the membership for the transaction of business. Voting by proxy is prohibited.



A. Pastor.

1. The Pastor is recommended to the Church by a Pastor Search Team. The Pastor Search Team is comprised of two persons from the Leadership Team and four persons nominated by the Leadership Team and approved at a called business meeting for that purpose. The Pastor is called by an 85% affirmative vote following his recommendation to the Church by the Pastor Search Team.

2. The Pastor has the responsibility and authority to provide leadership in the areas of vision and strategic planning, daily operations, direction of Church ministries and supervision of Church employees. He may delegate authority as necessary. The Pastor will provide leadership and supervision for the Pastoral Team and other Church employees.

B. Leadership Team.

1. The Leadership Team shall be comprised of six or more persons including the Pastor. Members of the Leadership Team shall serve on a rotational basis for three years. The Leadership Team is appointed by the Pastor with the confirmation of new members of the Team each year at the January Family Fellowship Meeting. The Pastor serves as an on-going member of the Leadership Team and provides leadership for that team. The functions of the Leadership Team are: (1) Advisory to the Pastor; (2) Accountability for the Pastor; (3) Assistance to the Pastor/Pastoral Team in financial matters; and (4) Assistance to the Pastor/Pastoral Team in personnel matters.

2. The Pastor and/or Leadership Team have the authority and responsibility for church direction and ministry decisions, including revisions of this Church Covenant. The Pastor and/or Leadership Team may delegate responsibilities as needed through the formation of committees, teams, study groups or other entities.

C. Ministerial Staff and Support Personnel.

Calvary Baptist Church shall employ such staff as determined by the Pastor and confirmed by the Leadership Team. The Pastor is responsible for searching for staff. The Pastor and Leadership Team are authorized to employ and/or dismiss ministerial staff and support personnel.

D. Servant Ministry Teams.

Servant Ministry Teams are developed as necessary with the approval of the Leadership Team or the Pastor. Servant Ministry Teams fulfill ministry functions in the life of the Church.

E. Treasurer.

Calvary Baptist Church shall have a Treasurer who will assist the Pastoral Team and the Leadership Team in financial matters. The Treasurer will be responsible for signing checks for the Church. The Treasurer will not be an employee of the Church and serves at the discretion of the Leadership Team and the Pastor. The Treasurer will be available to assist the Financial Secretary or other such persons who manage the finances of the Church.



Calvary Baptist Church is incorporated as a religious organization under the laws of the State of Tennessee. The Church will have its annual business meeting (called a Family Fellowship Meeting), in January of each year. The Leadership Team shall serve as the Board of Directors for the purpose of meeting legal and financial requirements.